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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Red in tooth and claw

I caught sight of a Magpie as I was working at the table in front of the patio doors. I thought a Magpie that close to the house being very brave. Then I heard a lot of noise from squawking birds.

The Magpie had gone for a juvenile blackbird and mother was having a fit.

I rushed out, followed, by the dog to rescue the unfortunate bird – the magpie flew off after giving it a hefty peck, the dog ran around barking and mother blackbird flew away alarm calling while one of our chickens determined to have a go too.

I picked up the young bird which was still but moving and placed it in a place of safety but it slowly expired.

So my actions still resulted in a dead blackbird but also deprived magpie nestlings of a meal.

In future, I will just let nature take its course


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