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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Walk the South West Coastal Footpath

We decided that after many years of promising ourselves we would make a start on walking the Southwest Coastal Footpath.  Not necessarily from Minehead to Poole, but certainly the local bits and perhaps more besides.  So, we started on the most difficult stretch, the piece that runs from Marsland on the Cornwall/Devon border to Morwenstow Church.
Red-tailed Bumble Bee

So, today we completed the first leg with determination to continue as and when we can.  Next stop the church to Stanbury Mouth we think.
And on what a glorious day!  We were one of the few places in the South West to have clear sunny skies albeit with a cool easterly wind which was welcome enough on the uphill sections.

Bloody-nose Beetle
Many birds were about.  In particular, we saw two separate male Stonechats.  New flowers out in the parish were Danish Scurvygrass and wild Violets.

We were quite taken with two species of bees on the south facing slopes on the north side of Westcott Wattle – a Buff-tailed and two Red-tailed Bumble Bees.  And, on the south facing slope of Hennacliff, a Bloodynose Beetle not too far from where we saw one on the Intertidal Survey last year.

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