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Friday, 24 January 2014

October 2013

October 2013
Have you noticed the lack of garden birds? This is down to two factors; after a busy breeding season they are now in moult replacing those worn out feathers and there is plenty of food without having to visit our gardens and show themselves.
There are a few starlings about although I've seen no murmurations yet

Has anyone seen any Redwings or Mistlethrushes? They are certainly scarce at this time and no major migrants seen either

But I do keep seeing lots of Jays about and a new bird for me was the Red-necked Grebe at Lower Tamar Lake recently

Spiked Shield Bug
There also seems to be a lots of shield bugs about I recently saw a Green Shield Bug one with red legs which identified as a Spiked Shield Bug, which was feeding on a caterpillar, one of the carnivorous species as well as Common Green Shield Bugs in whole families

Butterflies are still about too, Red Admiral of course and Small Tortoiseshell and plenty of Fox moth caterpillars on the cliffs. There do seem to be plenty of 7-spot ladybirds too.
Squirrels are foraging - Badgers are about - plenty of road kill as they spread out Bank Vole seen at home - and at night hedgehogs are looking to feed up for the winter.

Most things have gone to seed, but a violet seen last week newly flowering
and Hazel catkins are out but not open. There are lots of berries and nuts - Hips, Haws, Sloes, Hazel

I have been out surveying the Bude canal, the Bude aqueduct, WeBS at Tamar lakes, Intertidal survey - Celtic sea slug, 4 types of anemones - Beadlet, Strawberry, Daisy and Dahlia as well as sand eels, shrimps and worms which disappear in a flash.

There is so much out there, all you have to do is go out and look

Morwenstow Mole

[Transcript of a report first presented to Cornwall Wildlife Trust Tamar Group on 21st October 2013] 

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